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Motorway traffic hot topic in St Albans News

In less than 18 months, traffic will spill off the motorway heading for the city via St Albans, adding to the congestion and making living here less safe, so many people are not filled with joy at this prospect, including … Continue reading

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Celebrating SARA and STANN

SARA’s Christmas party on November 25 is also a time to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first issue of St Albans Neighbourhood News in December 1993. It is also 20 years since SARA opened the St Albans Community Resource … Continue reading

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Christmas comes early with St Albans News

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Subscribe to St Albans News delivery via email

We have had enquiries about how to subscribe to an emailed version of St Albans News. This can be arranged if you subscribe by filling in this pop up form. It will be sent to If you don’t wish … Continue reading

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Full text for letter in a bottle

When the time capsule planted in 1920 behind the foundation stone in the old community centre was opened in September it contained a small brown bottle and a letter inside. The bottle was reluctant to give up its dry contents … Continue reading

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October/November St Albans News ready to read now

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Street calming measures for downstream streets

One of the questions asked in the submissions to the council over the traffic plans for areas downstream of the Northern Arterial related to street calming measures on side streets. The council has summarised the submissions on its Have Your … Continue reading

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e-Cigarette bill in ballot for attention

Christchurch list MP Nicky Wagner (National) hopes her Member’s Bill to legalise and regulate the use of electronic cigarettes is chosen for debate in Parliament.

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Tribunal to speed up quake claims

Insurance lawyer turned MP Duncan Webb says the Earthquake Tribunal will be a “radical circuit breaker” for Christchurch. Webb, now the MP for Christchurch Central, represented claimants against both EQC and insurance companies while in practice and now runs regular … Continue reading

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Download St Albans News for August/September 2018

A petition has been organised by Warrington and Berwick St residents now it has become clear City Council staff want increasing amounts of traffic to go down their street to three-laned Barbadoes and Madras Sts, creating clearways, reducing parking and … Continue reading

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Packe St park’s Matariki celebrations postponed

Packe St Park’s Matariki celebration planned for June 17 has been postponed until further notice. The park’s co-ordinator says that this is because of the weather. We could probably do with a few windy warm nor’westers to dry out soggy … Continue reading

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Dine with us at St Albans Eve Supper

A themed dinner or supper revealing the story of St Alban is planned at Bailies Bar and Restaurant on June 21. The meal, hosted by Bailies, acknowledges the story of St Alban after whom the city in England and our … Continue reading

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