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Infrastructure repairs in St Albans

Edgeware Road, between Hills Rd and Geraldine St will be one way for three months from April 26 for wastewater repairs at the Edgeware Rd/Champion St intersection. Eastbound traffic will be detoured into Edward Ave and Barbadoes St.

Warrington St, between Francis Ave and Barbadoes St, is one-way eastbound until Sunday 15 May. The detour for westbound traffic is Barbadoes St, Edward Ave, Forfar St and back onto Warrington.

For six weeks SCIRT is repairing road and footpaths in Warrington St between Hills Rd and Woodville Street. Two-way traffic will be maintained but there will be lane shifts.

Barbadoes St is one-way southbound between Canon St and Bealey Ave for about two more weeks. For northbound traffic the alternative route is Madras St, Canon St, and back to Barbadoes St.

Information supplied by SCIRT

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City traffic forced to slow down

From March 12 traffic around the inner city is going to slow down quite considerably because of new speed limits that are being brought in and this could impact on St Albans as drivers search for faster routes to their workplace.
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Alternatives to double cul de sac in Trafalgar St

The Trafalgar St double cul de sac option is being revisited as Christchurch City Council staff work out alternative ways to slow traffic without cutting it off in the middle.

Not all residents oppose the cul de sacs – some quite like the idea of less traffic going down Trafalgar St – but others say it will cause problems and Edgeware Village businesses are vehemently opposed to it.

So now is the time to put in a submission to Christchurch City Council. Submissions close on Monday.

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Caledonian Road v Colombo St cycleway

The Christchurch City Council is now promoting two options for the section of the Papanui Parallel cycleway between Bealey Avenue and Trafalgar St.
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Alternative plans for Rutland St cycleway section

Rutland St residents opposing the cycleway because of the concrete, loss of berms and trees may be interested to know that Christchurch City Council staff are beavering away drawing up alternative plans.
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Street parking reducing citywide

Christchurch City Council’s citywide cutback on street parking spaces as part of the retro-fitting of the cycleways in selected city streets could not have come at a worse time.

In St Albans, like many suburbs in Christchurch, the tendency is to build multiple housing units on one site but without allowing for sufficient space for all residents’ cars so many have to park out on the street.
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Street works till the end of the year

Barbados St between Bealey Ave and Canon St is one-way southbound for a week. Northbound traffic can use Madras St. (interesting to note that SCIRT has categorised this as a “main route.” Do they know something about transport routes in St Albans that most of us don’t know.
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Cycleway design a ‘man made disaster’

Businesses and residents in St Albans are none too impressed with the design Christchurch City Council has come up with for the Papanui Parallel cycleway.

And they told the council staff undertaking the first consultation meeting at the St Albans Community Centre on November 11, what they thought of the proposal.
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Part of Bishop St one way

Bishop St is one-way for southbound traffic between Edgeware Rd and Canon St from 12 October for about two months.
Suggested detour is Madras St.
Source: SCIRT

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Edgeware Road eastbound

Edgeware Rd between Sherborne St and Bishop St is one-way eastbound for the next three months. Continue reading Edgeware Road eastbound

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Intersection partly reopened

The Edgeware Rd – Sherborne St intersection has re-opened to southbound traffic.
Traffic flowing from the north will be able to travel through the Edgeware Rd-Sherborne St intersection again, easing traffic flows on this main route into the city.
Works will continue at the intersection but traffic will be diverted around it.
Source: SCIRT

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Cranford St/Westminster changes delayed

The Shirley Papanui Community Board has postponed the go ahead for alterations to the Cranford St/ Westminster St intersection, seeking further information from city council staff. Continue reading Cranford St/Westminster changes delayed

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