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City traffic forced to slow down

From March 12 traffic around the inner city is going to slow down quite considerably because of new speed limits that are being brought in and this could impact on St Albans as drivers search for faster routes to their workplace.
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Street parking reducing citywide

Christchurch City Council’s citywide cutback on street parking spaces as part of the retro-fitting of the cycleways in selected city streets could not have come at a worse time.

In St Albans, like many suburbs in Christchurch, the tendency is to build multiple housing units on one site but without allowing for sufficient space for all residents’ cars so many have to park out on the street.
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Red Zone ID passes stolen in Champion Street

Not sure if the red zone extends to St Albans but red zone ids, demolition uniforms and order books were among items stolen from five cars at a group of Champion Street flats on Friday night.

Police are warning the items could be used to buy goods or gain entry to the red zone or residential properties.
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I am writing with a concern for child safety at the traffic lights on Cranford St and Berwick St. Twice in the last week I have witnessed cars coming along Cranford St from town, speed through the red light as kids are crossing. This morning was a very close call and I have been feeling sick about it all day.

I have contacted the council, who were very helpful and are checking to see if any trees are obscuring the lights. I also have contacted the Police to see if they had any suggestions. I don’t know what else to do other than ask you to possibly put it in the newsletter and remind us all to be aware.

From St Albans School:  PLEASE be aware of children and approach the lights cautiously if you are driving that way.

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