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Help with insulation till late June

Got a cold house? Funding for free insulation through EECA’S Warm Up New Zealand Programme is still available, however only until the end of June. Community Energy Action (CEA) provides subsidies for insulation, heating assistance, free recycled curtains and energy efficiency advice for all in Canterbury. Call 0800 GET WARM, or visit to find out more. Conditions apply.

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Eco-friendly home tour

Seven of Christchurch’s most innovative and sustainable homes will be opened to the public at weekends in May to encourage people to build smarter, including three in St Albans.
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New signage for flood zones?

When vehicles larger than a family car travel through floodwaters in Christchurch they create waves and the water flows into houses. It will be a while before CCC can get around to fixing the problem in Flockton Street caused by the sinking of the land. Maybe two years.

Possible new signage
Possible new signage?

One of our readers has come up with this idea, as a temporary measure, to bring attention to the problem. You can see this in the photoshopped image to the right.

Is it enough to remind drivers of their impact?  Should it be another colour? What do you think? Comment below.

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Good response to Find and Fix


CanCERN, which is the organisation behind the Find and Fix campaign, reports in its latest newsletter that 600 households have responded.
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Free repairs for some EQ homes

Community organisation CanCERN is co-ordinating a Find and Fix project to discover and temporarily repair 900+ badly damaged earthquake homes before winter.
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St Albans accommodation roundup

In February, TVNZ reported that the average rental price in mid-range suburbs such as St Albans was $430-$460, the same rentals being paid in mid-range Mt Roskill, Titirangi and Papakura in Auckland. However, it costs renters more to live in Christchurch because the city has not been granted the same level of taxpayer subsidy as that offered in Auckland.
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Group taking action against EQC

A group planning to take legal action against EQC is seeking more residents to join the group action before the end of the month.
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Worker village for Orion site (attempt 2)

A different developer this time but it looks like the Canon Street half of the former Orion site will house worker homes for up to 200 people. Resource consent was granted in January and residents notified on January 8.
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CCC in rental WOF trial

Christchurch City Council will take part in a nationwide project early next year aimed at making rental housing safer to live in — especially for children, students and the elderly.
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Flooding vulnerable being identified

Householders identified at being at risk of increased flooding vulnerability as a result of the Canterbury earthquakes will be sent individual letters to inform them of their status of their land claim in the New Year but will be largely responsible for their own protection following cash settlement that will follow when the process is completed.

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TC3 showhouse for Cranford St

The winning entry in a competition to design a house suitable for rebuilding on TC3 land will be built as a Southern Response TC3 show home on a site in Cranford Street.
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Learn about affordable housing and community land trusts

Location: CCC offices, Hereford Street
Time: August 19, 12:30- 1.30pm
Description: Dr Louise Crabtree, a visiting scholar hosted by Lincoln University, will give a talk on Community Land Trusts and affordable housing. She has been involved with such trusts in Sydney, Australia.Dr Crabtree’s research focuses on the social, ecological and economic sustainability of community-driven housing developments in urban Australia. She is interested in the challenges encountered in scaling up or replicating innovation in housing design and delivery in different contexts.

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