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Full text for letter in a bottle

When the time capsule planted in 1920 behind the foundation stone in the old community centre was opened in September it contained a small brown bottle and a letter inside. The bottle was reluctant to give up its dry contents … Continue reading

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Street calming measures for downstream streets

One of the questions asked in the submissions to the council over the traffic plans for areas downstream of the Northern Arterial related to street calming measures on side streets. The council has summarised the submissions on its Have Your … Continue reading

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Access St Albans News for June/July 2018

How the new motorway will affect streets in St Albans downstream of Innes Rd is the main focus in the June/July issue of St Albans News – the city council wants feedback. Lots has been going on in St Albans … Continue reading

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Community board opposes funding reduction

The Papanui-Innes Community Board is contesting the reduced amount it is receiving in Christchurch City Council funding to allocate for spending in the community. And they have written to the mayor about the reduction to voice their concerns.

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