St Albans  Peterborough Village is an incorporated society of residents, businesses and property owners with interests within the Christchurch city area, specifically the area bounded by Colombo St, Salisbury St, Barbadoes St and the Avon River.  A variety of inspirational speakers from around the globe, including the UK, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand shared their experiences relating to redeveloping cities and communities, in particular those which have been subjected to devastation – natural and human.



The Green Star – Communities rating tool is one of the world’s first independent, transparent, national schemes able to assess and certify the sustainability of community-level projects.

Green Star – Communities is a voluntary rating tool which provides best practice benchmarks and third-party verification of the sustainability of community and precinct-wide developments.

 The Integrated Design Commission

*Our Vision* Achieve a paradigm shift in thinking across South Australia that recognises the interconnectedness of the built and natural world and privileges collective action, civic participation, intelligent investment and global environmental leadership.

For much of the 20th century, South Australia followed a global trend that separated decisions made at the design stage from the planning process. Industry practice and government policy have compounded the problem by isolating development as a separate exercise again.

The Integrated Design Commission is founded on the belief that decisions we make at the design stage, and in planning, impact on the opportunity for development to contribute positively. And expertise from all these phases should be allowed to inform the other. New construction practice can drive new design technologies. Design tools like visualization and simulation allow more effective, participatory planning. And engaging communities through design always leads to better outcomes. We see design as a process of enquiry, planning as a process of defining, and development as a means of delivery.

The Integrated Design Commission supports the delivery of the targets and objectives of South Australian’s Strategic Plan and The 30 year plan for Greater Adelaide. It also contributes to the State Reform Agenda, in particular Vibrant Adelaide, Transit Oriented Developments and Green SA.


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