Transport in St Albans

UPDATE: 14th May 2013. CCC planners presented to the Community Board that consultation was to start on 10th May and a meeting to be held on 28th May though no time or venue were given. According to the documentation presented no decisions had been made though no information on the project was recorded. as of the 14th May there is nothing on the website in the consultation calendar and no further correspondence has been had by the CB or the CCC staff.

March 12 2013 Meeting Notice

Christchurch Transport 30 Year Strategic Plan

What does this plan mean for St Albans?

Two Major Roads look to end on the boundaries of St Albans. Cranford St is  to take the vehicular traffic from the North, including traffic off Papanui Rd.

Invites to CCC Transport Planners, ECAN, NZTA, SPOKES, Liveable Streets and CERA

Notes from Community Discussion

Future Transport Planning in St Albans

Present: Emma Twaddell, Doug Jack, Hine Moke, Sarah Wraight, Adam Taylor,Karyn Teather, Robert Fleming, Jenny Smith, Clinton Mitchington, Meg Christie,        David Stenhouse, Martin Meehan, Aaron Keown, Pauline Cotter, John Mackie,        Mark Doyle, Richard Shaw, Richard Holland, Steven Moore, Ruth Jones, Lorna Szentivanyi.  Apologies: George Abraham, Glenda Martin, Ngaire Button

Transit New Zealand and Christchurch City Council Proposed Plan for Northern Motorway and Cranford Street.  Presentation by Richard Shaw, Transport Planner for Transit NZ. * Northern Arterial – a group of projects around Christchurch planned for better connection to the port and Inner City. * Transit NZ has responsibility through to Queen Elizabeth 2 Drive.

The rest is CCC responsibility. North of Winters Road TNZ, South CCC. * The explanation was accompanied by the display of planning maps  Question about the use of Marshlands Road answered by Adam Taylor CCC Transport Planner.

Discussion followed with questions being answered by Adam Taylor and John Mackie, CCC Transport Manager.

Of particular concern to residents was the planned four lanes on Cranford St as far as Innes Road, increasing the volume of traffic and the bottle neck this would cause. The division of traffic flow along Innes Road and Warrington Street was of concern as these streets already have heavy traffic. Focus on roading instead of alternatives discussed. Importance of the inclusion of safe cycleways mentioned.

Emma Twaddell thanked the speakers for their information and willingness to come to the meeting aimed at gaining information on the proposed plans for the area.



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