Latest St Albans News: Change is afoot

aprilcoverLots of news about St Albans this month: includes BP’s designs for its corner site and what the neighbours think of that, the pool group will finally get the land back in Edgeware Rd so they can build two swimming pools and the River of Flowers commemoration of the Christchurch earthquakes. Did you know that a former PM Sid Holland lived in Derby St? Find out what faeries get up to in Malvern Park and much more. Click on the image to fetch a pdf version of the full newsletter or visit to comment. The newsletter is being delivered this weekend to 7000 St Albans residents.

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St Albans Swimming Club prizegiving

The St Albans Swim Club finished a very successful season of Learn to Swim lessons at Shirley Intermediate school recently, with a Tryathlon for three different age levels.
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Help with insulation till late June

Got a cold house? Funding for free insulation through EECA’S Warm Up New Zealand Programme is still available, however only until the end of June. Community Energy Action (CEA) provides subsidies for insulation, heating assistance, free recycled curtains and energy efficiency advice for all in Canterbury. Call 0800 GET WARM, or visit to find out more. Conditions apply.

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St Albans Community Alliance meeting

Location: St Albans Community Centre, 1047 Colombo Street
Time: May 31, 12pm
Description: The community alliance is a new group for community leaders in St Albans, searching for smarter ways to support each other and those that live and work in our community. The inaugural meeting, an informal gathering over coffee, will decide the best way (s) to do this. For more information contact

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Eco-friendly home tour

Seven of Christchurch’s most innovative and sustainable homes will be opened to the public at weekends in May to encourage people to build smarter, including three in St Albans.
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Open day for Men’s Shed

Title: Open day for Men’s Shed
Location: Nancy Avenue/Knowles St corner
Description: St Albans Community Men’s Shed, rebuilt as part of the rebuild of the Aldred Church complex is holding an open day in the hope of gaining new members.
Start Time: 10:00
Date: 2016-05-28
End Time: 15:00

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Bus detour during roadworks

From Monday, May 2 until further notice all buses travelling towards the Palms will detour away from the north part of Barbadoes St while road works are carried out.
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Infrastructure repairs in St Albans

Edgeware Road, between Hills Rd and Geraldine St will be one way for three months from April 26 for wastewater repairs at the Edgeware Rd/Champion St intersection. Eastbound traffic will be detoured into Edward Ave and Barbadoes St.

Warrington St, between Francis Ave and Barbadoes St, is one-way eastbound until Sunday 15 May. The detour for westbound traffic is Barbadoes St, Edward Ave, Forfar St and back onto Warrington.

For six weeks SCIRT is repairing road and footpaths in Warrington St between Hills Rd and Woodville Street. Two-way traffic will be maintained but there will be lane shifts.

Barbadoes St is one-way southbound between Canon St and Bealey Ave for about two more weeks. For northbound traffic the alternative route is Madras St, Canon St, and back to Barbadoes St.

Information supplied by SCIRT

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Mayor’s speech to The Neighbourhood Trust

The Mayor Lianne Dalziel gave a speech to the Neighbourhood Trust’s AGM at the McFaddens Centre on March 29. The text of her speech is given below:

Good evening
Council has a couple of recess weeks a year and this is one of them, so I bring apologies from the two ward councillors Ali Jones and Pauline Cotter, who would have loved to be here.

You will of course appreciate that as Mayor I get a considerable number of invitations. I have to turn many down because there simply are not enough hours in the day to accept them all.

But I accepted this invitation for a special reason. Hugh Swaney is a personal friend of mine, so whoever suggested that Hugh should send the original invitation to me directly, did very well.

You have asked me to speak of the future development of Mairehau, Shirley and St Albans, but in the context of poverty and community development.
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Ali Jones responds to pool article

I’ve just read in the latest edition of the STAN that I was not at the Feb council Meeting where the pool land sale was on the agenda. I was!

I had a commitment in Auckland and was late into CHCH that morning, arriving around 10-15 mins after the deputation / vote was taken. Both Pauline and I had fully canvassed our colleagues prior to my 24hr visit to Auckland and knew we had unanimous support for the vote. We and staff had also worked extremely hard to get this matter on to that agenda so that the project could progress.

I appreciate the mention regarding my long time support of the pool and protesting against its closure and demolition; in fact it was this issue and the way the community was treated that played a big part in my decision to run for council in 2013.

It is disappointing that the report in the STAN says I was not at the Feb council meeting, when I most definitely was, just not at the very beginning which unfortunately could not be avoided.

Kind regards,
Ali Jones
City Councillor

This letter has been posted on behalf of Ali Jones. For the article she refers to, see page 5 in the April/May edition posted on this website, under headline Council to sell pool land for just $1

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Christchurch trees seek saviours

Many of Christchurch’s notable trees are about to be dropped off the Christchurch City Council’s register and this has spurred some city residents into opposing this. Continue reading

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Deadline for St Albans News April/May

The deadline for articles for the next edition of St Albans News is on March 14. Please send via email to Volunteers will deliver the newsletter to residents some time between April 2 and April 10 and will cover April, May and early June events.

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