St Albans News for June/July 2015

june2015stanThings are getting busy in the city – SARA is fighting the plan for the Northern Arterial because not enough research has gone into its impact on downstream areas like St Albans (traffic, health etc). SARA has employed a part time manager at the community centre and plans to move a small building onto the centre site, the Council’s consents department willing. The Council has been busy trying to plan for the next 10 years in the city, and there are a number of projects involving city council assets in St Albans that will be upgraded, fixed or renovated in the next few years. Have you checked out the butterflies wintering over in Amberley Park yet? To read the June issue click the picture link.

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New heated pools planned for St Albans

The St Albans Pool and Pavilion group has lodged a resource consent to build two outdoor heated pools and associated buildings at 43a Edgeware Road, on the site of the pool demolished by the Christchurch City Council in 2006.
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Fewer street parks at Cranford/ Westminster St shops

In a bid to do something about the safety of St Albans School children crossing Cranford St at Westminster St the city council has come up with a plan that will:

  • Reduce the number of car parks outside the new building in Cranford St, the one with the raised footpath, affecting local retailers
  • Restrict ie: time limit parking for other areas
  • Create an extra straight through lane (briefly) for cars travelling along Cranford St through the intersection.

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Slideshare view of St Albans News

For those who would prefer to read STAN using slideshare – useful for smartphones and tablets – please click on the underlined link or if you prefer the fullscreen button on the preview.


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Edgeware village master plan

In the most recent edition of St Albans News we made reference to the Edgeware village master plan. You can view it by visiting this page on the Christchurch City Council website.

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Computers stolen from St Albans School

In the third week of May, four desktop computers were stolen from the junior block of St Albans Primary School. Continue reading

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Managing the insurance dilemma: cash settlements

Location: Transitional Cathedral, Madras St/Latimer Square
Link out: Click here
Time: May 25, 7-9pm 1
Description: With insurers wanting to cash settle on claims you need to know the process and entitlements. Dr Duncan Webb of Lane Neave, along with Peter Woods of Anthony Harper are giving their time to help homeowners learn a little about what cash settlement means and how best to navigate successfully through this situation. Peter Woods will specifically look at the EQC aspects. There will be time to ask individual questions. The event is being organised by Claimants4claimants. Donations are being taken at the meeting for Nepal’s earthquake recovery.

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Scottish Society service

Location: Scottish Society Hall, Caledonian Rd
Time: 10.30 am on May 5
Description: The Scottish Society is holding a service to commemorate those who served in WWI. Speakers and children from St Albans School are involved in a performance. But did you know that May 9 (May 8 in Europe) marks 70 years since the Nazis surrendered and WWII in Europe came to an end?

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More Edgeware Rd wastewater repairs

The large northern relief wastewater trunk, which runs along Edgeware Rd to Hills Rd is being repaired.

The repairs involve traffic detours – city bound traffic along Hills Rd will take a detour along Edgeware Rd for a week. Later on the detour will begin at Guild St, go along Slater St and onto Dudley St.

All done by June 7.

Source: SCIRT

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Deadline for June edition of News

The deadline for articles, photos, adverts for the June edition is on May 18. Please send items to

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Buy petrol from Z Shirley to support Packe St park

Good-in-the-Hood-TokenPacke St Park is one of the community groups benefitting from the Good in the Hood programme.

Buy your petrol this month, or anything, from Z Shirley opposite the Palms in Marshlands Road and they will give you an orange token to vote for your favourite community group. The park will benefit from some of the $4000 raised.

The more trips you make the more tokens… the more votes … the greater the share of funding.
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Community centre clean up

If you have some spare time and would like to lend us a hand, the St Albans Community Centre is holding a tidyup at 1047 Colombo St during the morning of May 3. It is intended to complete the work between 10am and 12noon. For further information phone 021317584 or email community

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