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News for October/November
Find out what was in the time capsule rescued from the old community centre after the quakes. It was hidden behind the foundation stone. The new co-ordinator for Packe St park talks sustainability, resilience and more in the October/November issue of St Albans News. Download by clicking the image to the right.

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New blood sought for the Residents Association committee

The St Albans Residents Association (SARA) is a proactive community organization working at the grassroots in St Albans, Christchurch.

SARA has been developing local resources and a local voice since its inception in the 1960s. It is a vessel for community activity that benefits the locality and residents of St Albans.

The 2018 AGM is being held on September 3 at 7pm and a new Management Committee will be voted in. With the stepping down of Renee Walker as Chair and Peter McDonald as Treasurer there is an opportunity for people who value community and want to have an influence on the development of our local resources to join the committee.

As with all volunteer driven organisations, SARA ebbs and flows through the influence of membership numbers and power. The power of organisations like SARA in the current environment is exciting, with community led development having a real influence on communities around the world as well as here in New Zealand and Christchurch.

The Committee is responsible for the strategic and financial oversight of the Association. The members actively participate in monthly meetings and lead and support local projects.

Residents are encouraged to submit candidates who would make a valuable contribution by contributing their skills to the community. Nominations can be received in advance and verbally at the AGM.  

Here is the Nomination Form to complete online and we’ll see you at the AGM being held at the St Albans Tennis Club, 37 Dover Street on the 3rd September 2018.

Please get in touch with any questions or thoughts.
Ring Emma on 027 288 6334 or
Sandra on 021 317 584

Mā te wā,
Emma Twaddell,
board member, SARA


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Download St Albans News for August/September 2018

A petition has been organised by Warrington and Berwick St residents now it has become clear City Council staff want increasing amounts of traffic to go down their street to three-laned Barbadoes and Madras Sts, creating clearways, reducing parking and possibly creating more problems than it is meant to solve. Drainage is being fixed in some parts of St Albans while new problems are coming to the surface in others. The butterfly colony in Abberley Park is under threat from rats. Sixteen pages jammed full of news and views about St Albans. The printed version is being delivered to St Albans letterboxes over the next week by our band of volunteers. Also available in selected Edgeware Village shops. You can also download a digital copy – click on the image to the right.

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Street calming measures for downstream streets

One of the questions asked in the submissions to the council over the traffic plans for areas downstream of the Northern Arterial related to street calming measures on side streets. The council has summarised the submissions on its Have Your Say website and built up intersections was the preferred method for those who submitted (193) followed by street narrowing (126). https://ccc.govt.nz/…/2…/July/4.-Traffic-calming-options.pdf.

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e-Cigarette bill in ballot for attention

Christchurch list MP Nicky Wagner (National) hopes her Member’s Bill to legalise and regulate the use of electronic cigarettes is chosen for debate in Parliament.
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Tribunal to speed up quake claims

Insurance lawyer turned MP Duncan Webb says the Earthquake Tribunal will be a “radical circuit breaker” for Christchurch.

Webb, now the MP for Christchurch Central, represented claimants against both EQC and insurance companies while in practice and now runs regular clinics to guide claimants.

“Problems with access to justice have plagued post-quake Christchurch. This legislation sets the scene for an informal, inquisitorial, speedy tribunal,” he says.

Many claims had stalled because of the unwieldy and expensive High Court process.
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Access St Albans News for June/July 2018

How the new motorway will affect streets in St Albans downstream of Innes Rd is the main focus in the June/July issue of St Albans News – the city council wants feedback. Lots has been going on in St Albans these past two months and we tried to fit most of it in 16 pages. Find out about a special event being held on June 21, the eve of St Albans Day (which also happens to be the southern hemisphere’s winter solstice) and lots more besides.The printed version is being delivered to St Albans letterboxes over the next week by our band of volunteers. Also available in selected Edgeware Village shops. Alternatively, download a digital copy by clicking on the image to the left.

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Get the latest news from St Albans

AprilMay St Albans News It’s five years since the Edgeware Village Master Plan for the recovery of St Albans after the quakes was created but little has been done to implement it. Then out of the blue the Christchurch City Council decides that stopping northbound traffic on Colombo St from entering Edgeware Rd and on to Cranford St might be a good idea. Consultation has started on this new concept and business owners are none to happy about the proposal. All this and lots more in the April/May issue of St Albans News, being delivered to St Albans letterboxes over the next week by our band of volunteers. You can also download a digital copy by clicking on the image to the right.

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Get the sizzling hot summer edition of St Albans News

The February/March issue of St Albans News has a botanical theme to it. We mark the passing of a well-known and loved local identity Bill Sykes, one of the people behind Packe St Park’s foundation and the centre pages are given over to a photo feature. The world seems to be heading towards roads full of electric vehicles so we profile a couple of locals who have ditched petrol for electric vehicles. All this and more in the February/March issue, now available online by clicking on the image to the right (and, if you live in St Albans, will be delivered to your letterbox soon).

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Antony Wright’s eulogy for Bill Sykes

(Delivered at Botany Bill’s funeral in Christchurch on January 9, 2018)

   Bill’s botanical roots started very early. He was born in the County of Suffolk in East Anglia and grew up in the village of Wyverstone. We have his mother Miriam to thank for the fact that we could understand him.
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Noticeboard in the heart of St Albans refurbished

Thank you to all the people in the community who contributed their time freely.

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Participating in bike event pays off for family

Visiting all the participating businesses on the Biketoker Passport paid off for one family, with Mum winning a Bailies Voucher and her son winning a Tannery Voucher, which he graciously shared with his sister. Marie Hudson pictured here receiving her voucher from Amy, the manager of Bailies Bar.
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