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August St Albans NewsWhat is this about no community centre for St Albans? Is this a bad dream? Does it have to be that way? Read what has been going on in St Albans (or about St Albans) in the August edition and have your say. It also raises further questions: What makes a community centre and how should it be paid for. Comment here or in the postings below.

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Who should pay for community centres?

Christchurch City Council funding is not in good shape for the rebuild, or so we have been told, with a $900 million shortfall. We have learnt via a recent Shirley Papanui community board meeting that council staff are busy prioritising council-owned buildings and sites in Christchurch and so far do not intend to rebuild the St Albans Community Centre when the transitional centre building is removed in April 2016. Community leaders fear that council-owned land at 43a Edgeware Road and 1047 Colombo Street could be sold off and St Albans left without a community centre.

However, the community board is going ahead with consultation over a community centre in St Albans.

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What makes a community centre?

Is a building with rooms for hire to community groups a ‘community centre’?


Is it something more like a drop in centre with friendly staff?

What is a community centre to you? Leave a comment below with your ideas.


Permanent community facility for St Albans

Rumours have been floating around St Albans for some weeks that the Christchurch City Council is planning to sell off land at 1049 Colombo Street and Caledonian Road and build a community facility instead at 43a Edgeware Road (also owned by the Council).
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Petition launched for road arrows

Christchurch JP and Labour candidate Tony Milne has launched a petition for CCC to install turning arrows at the corner of Cranford Street and Innes Road.
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Neighbourly connects neighbours and communities

Eighteen years ago when the worldwideweb was in its infancy and dial up was the only way you could access the internet from home, St Albans NeighbourNet operated a private intranet that offered neighbours a way to connect to neighbours, to warn about a mini crime wave in the area and to share information about the suburb.

The focus shifted to running a drop in computer centre in the St Albans Community Centre and the network never really got beyond a handful of users on a modem attached to a shared phone line.

Nearly 20 years on, internet speeds are much faster and you can even get an app for your smartphone to connect with your neighbours, thanks to a scheme, aptly called Neighbourly, started by a couple of 30 somethings in Auckland earlier this year. It is not planned to supplant anything already in the neighbourhood but acts as a tool to connect neighbours and communities on the web, by cellphone or in person throughout the whole country.
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Get Neighbourly

Location: St Albans Community Centre, 1049 Colombo St
Link out: Click here
Time: June 23 at 2pm 0
Description: Online discount dealmakers Grabone founders are promoting around New Zealand after a pilot in a handful of Auckland suburbs. The site can be used by neighbours and community groups to organise community events and keep in touch. For more information contact:


An evening with Dr Rob Gordon

Location: Oxford Terrace Baptist Church, 288 Oxford Terrace
Time: June 19 7-9pm
Description: Disaster Psychology Specialist Dr Rob Gordon discusses the challenges fragile communities face in the years following a disaster. How do we address common symptoms and concerns show by people in the third and fourth year after a disaster. How do we address these concerns before people need professional advice and support. Australian-based Dr Gordon, with 25 years’ experience supporting communities affected by disaster, treats adults and children affected by trauma and disaster as part of a general psychotherapy practice.


St Albans News for June online

Council fixes for flooding, possible soil contamination and celebrating Matariki are among the articles in the June edition of the St Albans News. The print edition will be delivered to 7000 St Albans homes over the weekend of June 14-15 but you can read it right here


CCC implements flood solutions

Christchurch City Council has come up with some temporary solutions to cope with the flooding, including temporary pumps, vegetation removal, back flow improvements. It is also going to pilot a wrapping solution and will continue to research longer term solutions. The Flooding Taskforce report presented on June 5 gives more details.


Heartless destruction of garden

Copy of 20140508_075114

Helen Ross from Edgeware Village Green got a very nasty surprise when she passed nearby the village green on May 8 – the heart-shaped garden had been destroyed without warning.

“Wanton destruction without a moment’s hesitation,” she said, adding: “My heart is crushed.”

No one from the Green committee had been given any notice about the imminent removal of the garden.

This sounds vaguely familiar, maybe it’s becoming a Council habit. In 2006, the adjacent Edgeware Pool was destroyed suddenly, in the middle of a discussion on its future.

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Views on St Albans centre use sought

The St Albans Residents’ Association (SARA) wants better use to be made of the transitional centre at 1047 Colombo Street and is surveying residents’ and past users’ views on the centre.
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