Secretary’s Job Profile

The secretary’s role is to support the chair in making sure that the committee runs smoothly. They are responsible for the day-to-day administration of the
committee with the support of SARA staff.

A secretary’s tasks include:

Ensuring the administration is effective:
 To prepare the meeting agenda in consultation with the chair.
 To distribute meeting notices and relevant papers in good time.
 To receive agenda items from other committee members.
 To make sure that at each meeting the relevant quorate is met.
 To make sure that the meetings are minuted.
 To circulate draft minutes are circulated to the committee.
 To make sure the chair signs the minutes once they have been agreed at the relevant
 To check that committee members and others are carrying out actions agreed at the
 To make sure that an up to date list of member is kept.

Make sure the arrangements for meetings are in place
 Book the venue.
 Book equipment as required.
 Organise refreshments.
 Confirm guests are aware of venue and will attend.

Other duties:
 Develop and/or manage the groups filing system.
 Work with other members on group publicity and other documents.
 Lead on the arrangements for social and group events, as required.
 Advise the chair on governance issues – in particular if a required quorate has not been
achieved at meetings.
 Report all correspondence receive to the committee.
 Represent the group at other meetings if required.

Quality & Skills required:
 Organisational skills
 Experience of committee work and procedures
 Minute taking experience
 Good communication and interpersonal skills
 Fairness and the ability to respect confidentiality
 Well organised with an eye for detail
 Good timekeeping
 Ability to work well with chair and committee members

Time commitment:

This will depend on the work the association is involved in and how the role is supported by SARA staff. Generally, 4-6 hours per month is sufficient.

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