Malvern Park Fitness Trail

The community survey, in 2012, identified the need for outdoor exercise equipment and an all weather running/walking trail around Malvern Park.

The Christchurch City Council were approached and agreed that concept had merit and were willing to support it as long as the community supported it.

An outdoor gym is proposed alongside the Malvern Park children’s play equipment, that will be effective for all ages from school children to senior citizens, including the disabled. In addition to the outdoor gym, four static exercise equipments are proposed around the perimeter of the park.

An assessment was made of the track surface options for a running/walking track and due to the large trees adjoining the track a lot of surface options were eliminated due to maintenance costs from tree root impacts on a permanent track surface. A grass protecting matt will be trialed for suitability as a walking/running track surface.

A staged approach:

  1. Construct outdoor gym and set up track surface trial
  2. Install four exercise equipments around the perimeter of the park
  3. Construct an all weather running/walking track surface at the Roosevelt Ave end of the park
  4. Monitor Malvern St and Innes Rd track surface

A full report on the proposal which is currently with the Community Board who intend to consult to local community can be found here. Malvern Park Fitness Trail Proposal Oct 2014


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