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Adult Learning

Next Step Centre for Women is a friendly, supportive environment providing a pathway to expand your opportunities, choices and skills in further education and employment.  Further Information.  Please telephone the Next Step Centre, 03 – 940 8070 or the Faculty of Health, Humanities & Science reception, 03 – 940 8074. To enrol contact Information & Enrolments in the Rakaia Centre, entrance off Madras Street. Hours are : 8.30 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday,   Tel.0800 24 24 76  Subsidies may be available. Check with the Next Step Centre for eligibility.

Papanui High School – Adult and Community Education Department

For Course information please telephone the Office 352 0701 or visit the Website   www.papanui.school.nz

High Schools

Avonside Girls High School      http://www.avonside.school.nz/

Burnside High School     http://www.burnside.school.nz/

Christchurch Boys’ High School    http://www.cbhs.school.nz/

Christchurch Girls’ High School      http://www.chgirls.school.nz/

Christs College      http://www.christscollege.com/

Hagley Community College      http://www.hagley.school.nz/

Mairehau High School      www.mairehau.school.nz

Marian College      www.mariancollege.school.nz

Papanui High School    www.papanui.school.nz

Rangi Ruru Girls’ School    www.rangiruru.school.nz

Shirley Boys High School      www.shirley.school.nz

St Andrews College      www.stac.school.nz

St Bedes College    www.stbedes.school.nz

St Margarets College    www.stmargarets.school.nz

Intermediate Schools

Heaton Intermediate    www.heaton.school.nz

Shirley Intermediate    http://www.sis.school.nz

Primary Schools

Banks Ave    www.banksave.school.nz

Glenmore School    www.glenmoor.schoolzone.net.nz

Our Lady of Fatima    http://www.fatima.school.nz/

Mairehau Primary    http://www.mps.school.nz/

Shirley Primary    www.shirleyprimary.school.nz

St Albans Catholic Primary School    www.stalbanscatholic.school.nz

Discovery One School    www.discovery1.school.nz

Elmwood Normal    www.elmwood.school.nz

St Albans Primary School    http://www.stalbans.school.nz/

Selwyn House    www.selwynhouse.school.nz

Pre Schools:

Abberley Park Motessori     Email:   montessori.stalbans@kidicorp.co.nz

ABC Merivale    www.abcchildcare.co.nz

ABC Papanui Rd    www.abcchildcare.co.nz

ABC Salisbury St    www.abcchildcare.co.nz

ABC St Albans    www.abcchildcare.co.nz

Angelcare Somme St   www.angelcarepreschool.co.nz/somme.html

Barnardos Family Day Care   Ph 3536440

Edukids Shirley   Email:  edukids.shirley@kidicorp.co.nz

First Learners  Mairehau   Ph 3858311

First Learners   Shirley  Ph 3859577

Forfar Nursery & Preschool   Email:  forfar@snap.net.nz

Kidsfirst Kindergarton Shirley    www.kidsfirst.org.nz

Kindercare Shirley    www.kindercare.co.nz

Learning Curves Montessori Abberley Park    www.learningcurvesmontessori.co.nz

Learning Curves Montessori St Albans    www.learningcurvesmontessori.co.nz

Mairehau Free Kindergarton    www.kidsfirst.org.nz

Minerva House Preschool    www.minervahouse.co.nz

Mozarts Kindergarton      www.mozarts.co.nz

Rutland Street Kindergarton    www.kidsfirst.org.nz

Small World Preschool & Nursery    www.smallworld.sites.co.nz

St Albans Edu-Care   Ph 3559396

St Albans Playcentre    www.playcentre.org.nz

St Matthews Playgroup  Email:    stmatt@paradise.net.nz

Sunbeam Kindergarton    www.kidsfirst.org.nz

The Playroom    www.theplayroom.co.nz

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