Volunteers required to conduct a survey of St Albans.

Volunteers required to conduct a survey for residents’ views on St Albans and the local projects and resources

In 2012 the St Albans Residents Association (SARA) invited residents to participate in a survey that identified the Top Twenty things that St Albans residents wanted to see happen in the next decade. See here for more information on the 20 projects and the developing St Albans Strategy 2013-2023. http://stalbans.gen.nz/?page_id=4840

Five years on it is time to evaluate and we are looking for volunteers with the skills to lead and contribute to a team responsible for conducting the survey and evaluating the responses and reporting back to the community.

SARA can support the team be providing local resources such as the St Albans News and other local networking mediums. There is already the work behind and following the initial survey in 2012. SARA can provide funding avenues for the project and a space for any meetings.

We require residents who want to volunteer to include community resident input in the project. Please contact SARA to volunteer your skills and time and for further information Contact sara@stalbans.gen.nz or 021 317584

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