Our Aim

The Aim of “St Albans Residents Association (SARA) Incorporated” is to foster a spirit of community in St Albans.

The objectives of the Association are:

  • To advance the education of the general public, and more specifically, the residents of St Albans
  • To encourage and provide public facilities and activities particularly for the residents of St Albans
  • To encourage any activity that promotes the welfare of residents of St Albans
  • To engage in any charitable activities for the benefit of the locality and residents of St Albans

The Association may carry out any activities that advance the above objects including;

  • providing a community centre
  • arranging sport and recreation courses, classes and activities and providing facilities for these courses classes and activities
  • facilitating courses classes and activities
  • providing access to computer and internet facilities
  • promoting the preservation of the heritage, amenities and special character of St Albans
  • promoting the health and wellbeing of the residents of St Albans
  • consulting with public bodies on matters adversely affecting the St Albans area and its inhabitants including, but not limited to, zoning, resource consent, traffic and public transport issues.

The Association will have the power to provide the residents of St Albans with information about issues relating to community development, community facilities, matters potentially affecting them, their environment, their welfare, or education through the publication and circulation of information.

The Association will ensure that its activities and purposes are for the benefit to the general public and more specifically the St Albans community. These activities and purposes will not provide any opportunity for private financial benefit or profit to any individuals or groups that do not hold caritable legal status as legally defined.

The intention of the Residents’ Association is to play a part in the development of a vibrant and healthy community brought about by involvement and empowerment of its residents

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