Community Board Meeting Information

Meeting Times:  1st & 3rd Wednesday, 4pm


The agenda for each community board meeting containing reports for consideration or information is available to the public at least two days before board meetings. Copies of community board agendas are available for perusal at your local public library or Christchurch City Council service centre. You can also access agendas online.

Deputations by appointment

If you would like to talk to a community board about a particular issue you need to request speaking rights from the relevant community board adviser at least six clear working days before the date of the meeting concerned. Requests to speak are then subject to approval by the Chairperson. When speaking rights have been offered to you at a community board meeting, you should note that:


  • No more than two members of each deputation may address the meeting.
  • A maximum time of 10 minutes is allowed for each deputation.
  • Presentations should be as short as possible. This allows the community board members to ask your deputation questions and provides you with the opportunity to outline any points which may not have been clear in your original statement to the board.


Presentation of petitions

A petition of less than 50 words may be presented on behalf of petitioners to a community board. The community board member who presents the petition will read the petition and a statement from the petitioners and advise the number of signatures attached to it.


Public attendance

All meetings of community boards are open to the public but the public may not participate in discussion during meetings. Copies of agendas are available at meetings.

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