Chairperson’s Job Profile

The chairperson has a strategic role to play in representing the aims and purpose of the
association. They ensure that the committee functions properly, that there is full participation at meetings, all relevant matters are discussed and that effective decisions are made and carried out.

Ensure the committee functions properly:
 To plan and run meetings in accordance with the governing documents.
 To ensure that matters are dealt with in an orderly, efficient manner.
 To bring impartiality and objectivity to meetings and decision-making.
 To facilitate change and address conflict constructively within the committee.
 To regularly review governance, performance and skills within the committee.
 To plan for recruitment and renewal of the committee (new blood).

Ensure the organisation is managed effectively:
 Regularly liaise with committee members to keep an overview of the association’s work.
 To co-ordinate the work of the committee and ensure that key roles are being done
adequately – i.e. secretary; treasurer and sub-committees.
 To identify and suggest appropriate training for committee members.

Provide support for members:
 To offer support and advice to committee members to carry out tasks delegated to them.
 To be approachable for members to discuss issues and where necessary add them as
agenda items for meetings.
 To be able to identify where members can get relevant information or additional support.

Represent the organisation:
 To communicate effectively the association’s aims and purpose to members and other
 To advocate for and represent the association at external meetings.
 To be aware of current issues that may have an impact on the association’s work, aims or purpose.

Qualities and skills required:
 Good leadership skills
 Good communication and personal skills
 Fairness and an ability to respect confidentiality.
 Good understanding of performance issues.
 Tact and diplomacy.
 Understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a committee
 Experience of organisational and people management (desirable)

Time Commitment:
This will depend on the work the association is involved with – however a chair should expect to do a minimum 2 hours per week.

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