Committee Member’s Profile


The role of a committee member is quite varied. The association needs people who are
enthusiastic, willing to learn and can give their valuable time to help us achieve our aims. Set out below are some key things we expect from all committee members.

Upholding the reputation of the organisation:

Developing and maintaining good working relationships with members, committee
colleagues and staff from the various organisations we work with.

Work within the guidance set out in the governing documents, paying particular attention to the code of conduct.

Read and understand the governance documents to assist you with moving the group towards achieving its aims

Working Effectively:
Attend training that will enable you to work more effectively
Prepare for meetings by reading all reports and documents beforehand
Do any work you agreed to do at meetings, and report back to the committee as appropriate
Keep up to date on issues by reading relevant publications and seek help and advice when
appropriate to do so
Support the chair and officers by adhering to the code of conduct
Participate in meeting – put forward suggestions and make a positive contribution to the
Help your committee colleagues in their work

Other duties:
Encourage and support the membership to participate
Act as the group representative in external meetings when required

Quality and skills required:
Willingness to learn and attend relevant training
Experience of being a Camden tenant or leaseholder
Respects confidences
Supports the aims of the association
Committee experience

Time commitment: This will depend on what committee work you want to take part in.
Generally, a commitment of 2-3 hours per month is sufficient.

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