The geographical area of St Albans

The Boundaries of St Albans

The historic suburb of St Albans had its boundaries defined in 1856 in the Black Maps.

But since then bus routes, postcodes and lack of involvement of the residents in the naming giving to these distribution areas St Albans is losing its identity. What can be done?

Notes from the April Community Discussion:  Held on Tuesday April 9th at the Mairehau Library

Boundaries of St Albans – Brian Spear, St Albans History Group representative explained the 1882 boundaries of the Borough. Amalgamation with the city occurred in 1903. Emma Twaddell listed the boundaries designated for the distribution of StAN. The Community Board profile divides St Albans into four.

  • Question, do the arbitrary lines disengage people from their community identity?
  • What problems exist?
  • Emma Twaddell moved that a questionnaire be put on Facebook and in STAN asking people’s opinions on the formalisation of St Albans in an effort to get information from the community.
  • * Edgeware Village Plan – The timber mill will take up an area from Sherbourne St to Colombo St on B2 land. The plan is for manufacturing to continue.
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