Youth Development in St Albans


A suburb where young people are vibrant and optimistic through being supported and encouraged.

Youth Development is moving BEYOND …

  • Focusing …on ‘at risk’ negative labels, problems…
  • Blaming …teachers, parents, TV…
  • Reacting …in an ad hoc manner to youth issues
  • Fixing … single youth problems in isolation

Youth Development is moving TOWARDS…

  • Understanding…young people as partners in their development
  • Encouraging …adults to be supportive mentors
  • Planning … being intentional, having a plan and setting high goals.
  • Achieving … an inclusive economy/society – where young people are innovative and energetic participants

(From Waimakariri Youth Development Strategy )

And based on the MSD Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa. This is a summary of the strategy including the vision, principles of youth development, aims, goals, diversity of young people and using the strategy.

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