Council committees and their functions

The Council met on 4 November 2013 and established the following Committees:


Chair: Raf Manji

Deputy: Andrew Turner

Committee members: Councillors Jimmy Chen, Glenn Livingstone, Paul Lonsdale, Yani Johanson and Jamie Gough.

Community (including Facilities Rebuild and Community Board Liaison)

Chair: Yani Johanson

Deputy: Ali Jones.

Committee members: Councillors Phil Clearwater, Andrew Turner, Paul Lonsdale, Tim Scandrett and Jimmy Chen.


Chair: Glenn Livingstone

Deputy: Pauline Cotter

Committee members: Councillors Phil Clearwater, Yani Johanson, Ali Jones and Paul Lonsdale.

Environmental (Including three waters and transport and roading)

Chair: Phil Clearwater

Deputy: Jimmy Chen

Committee members: Councillors Pauline Cotter, David East and Tim Scandrett.

Regulation and Consents

Chair: David East

Deputy: Tim Scandrett

Committee members: Councillors Ali Jones, Pauline Cotter and Glenn Livingstone.

Strategy and Planning

Chair: Jamie Gough

Deputy: Paul Lonsdale

Committee members: Councillors Andrew Turner, Jimmy Chen, David East and Raf Manji.

Chief Executive and Employment Matters

Chair: Mayor Lianne Dalziel

Deputy: Deputy Mayor Vicki Buck

Committee members: Councillors Raf Manji, Phil Clearwater and Yani Johanson.

Earthquake Recovery

Chair: Mayor Lianne Dalziel

Deputy: Deputy Mayor Vicki Buck

Committee members: The Council

Committee functions includes:

  • Long Term Plan
  • District Plan
  • Earthquake Recovery
  • Civil Defence Emergency Management
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