International hub seeks market stall owners

The Canterbury Business Association is hoping to set up a temporary international hub soon in the city and is looking for people from different ethnic/cultural backgrounds to set up stalls on a daily basis for up to five years.

“We’re looking for people who are food operators with caravans or those who want to do food preparation on site as well as fresh fruit and vegetable growers and vendors,” says Bruce Bickley from the Association.

“In addition to arts and crafts stalls, clothing, books, cosmetics and jewellery, we would like to see performing arts groups that can perform on “cultural days” come forward to add atmosphere to the market.”

A formal presentation about the international hub concept is being held on November 20 and will feature a self-catered ethnic supper.

Email Brian at to participate or if you have further questions.

Source: based on an email from the business association

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