Transport plan vague about vehicle dispersal

Christchurch City Council has adopted the Christchurch Transport Strategic Plan without clarifying how traffic will disperse from the two major roads that end on St Albans boundaries.

SARA chair Emma Twaddell spoke to SARA’s submission to the plan in September, on behalf of St Albans residents.”Councillors on the panel asked CCC staff to provide us with more information on the local St Albans priorities and developments.”

This information has not been supplied.”We now have a transport plan that looks like St Albans will have two major roads end on its boundaries with no plan on how to disperse vehicles. The transport plan for this area has not been updated since 1989 and the large number of vehicle movements in the area affect the quality of all our lives,” Emma says.She plans to follow this up with CCC staff on behalf of SARA.

The 30 year Plan provides transport choices to connect people and places, by offering improved access and choice; creating safe, healthy and liveable communities; supporting economic vitality; and creating opportunities for environmental enhancements.

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