Women’s quake stories sought

The National Council of Women is seeking women who have been struggling to cope with life after the quakes to tell their stories.

They are particularly interested in those with limited financial resources, recent immigrants, those for whom English is not their first language, who may be living in garages or crowded conditions in eastern Christchurch.

Liz Gordon from the Women’s Voice Project is also looking for former inmates of Christchurch Women’s Prison. “We would like to interview one or more women who were inmates at Christchurch Women’s prison during any of the earthquakes. We are interested in their experiences, how they were able to communicate with family and friends, and also what it was like leaving prison after the quakes.”

Contact researcher Brigid Buckenham if you know of any women in these circumstances who are prepared to tell their stories (brigid.buckenham[at]canterbury.ac.nz or 364 2878).

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