City less positive than Selwyn District

Residents in the Selwyn District are more positive in their outlook than residents in Christchurch or Waimakariri District, according to the CERA well-being survey carried out in Spring 2013.

This is hardly surprising. Apart from some highly-publicised brick homesteads splitting open in September 2010, and some public buildings subsequently fenced off pending an upgrade to the new building code, the Selwyn District survived the quakes remarkably well. It did not sink in the mud in 2010 and 2011, and no red zones were created as they were in Christchurch, Brooklands and Kaiapoi.

(The census showed that population in the Selwyn District has grown in the past few years, attracting residents from the city, many of them former redzoners, although many of them have faced long waits while land development consents are sorted out).

Issues with EQC, insurance, repairs and rebuilding are still worrying city residents but added to this are traffic frustrations with all the roadworks.

This is a personal comment on the wellbeing survey. For a more detailed and unmediated look at the survey click on this link

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