St Albans to talk about facilities

Location: Richmond Edgeware Bowling Club
Time: Tuesday September 9 from 6.30-8.30pm
Description: St Albans and Edgeware community members are gathering this week to talk about what they would like to see in their area, community facility-wise.

Being held at the Richmond Edgeware Bowling Club on Forfar Street, the “community conversation” entitled a “Long Term Vision for Community Facilities in St Albans”. Things get underway from 6.30pm and will run until 8.30pm, facilitated by Mr Chris Mene.

Local Councillors, Pauline Cotter and Ali Jones say the Shirley Papanui Community Board initiated the meeting so that residents and business people can get across what they want in the area in the immediate, mid and longer term, and the information can be added to the council’s Long Term Plan process.

“We are a proud and fiercely community focused part of the city,” says Cotter, “and our residents, groups and business people have never shied away from telling council what they need and want. Our transitional community facility on Colombo Street which was donated to the community thanks to the generosity of the Lions, is only temporary until early 2016, and although it has been a wonderful “stop gap” measure, we need to get moving on something more permanent.” Cotter says.

Jones adds that the history in St Albans and Edgeware bears out her colleagues comments about the pride and passion in the area, and she is looking forward to hearing from the community.

“There’s so much energy in this big hearted community which, like so many others, has been hit hard over the last four years. Add the flooding to that and it’s been a pretty rough ride for many. This is our community and we must, as elected members and council staff, continue to put our all into supporting and working with them to get things moving,” she says.

Cotter and Jones are encouraging everyone who has an idea for their community to come along and be a part of this first step in getting things moving in St Albans and Edgeware.

Source:media release put out by Ali Jones, who also happens to be a PR professional

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