Cranford St/Westminster changes delayed

The Shirley Papanui Community Board has postponed the go ahead for alterations to the Cranford St/ Westminster St intersection, seeking further information from city council staff.

Plans were drawn up to make the intersection “safer” for pedestrians and cyclists, but at the cost of removing parking spaces outside businesses, thereby threatening their livelihoods e.g.: Metro cafe and Willow shoes to name but two.
A suggestion by local school children for a ‘barns dance’, that could have satisfied safety concerns, was turned down.
Some St Albans residents would prefer to see the matter handled in conjunction with plans for Cranford (south of Innes) and Sherborne Streets if the arterial road plan goes ahead e.g. possible three-laning.
The new building housing Metro cafe has also had to contend with a higher footpath as part of the post-quake environment, requiring a large step down onto the road, but without the protective barrier afforded at the Merivale shops in Holmwood Rd.

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