Frustrated citizens to protest against EQC

protestLocation: Cathedral Square
Time: February 21 at 12pm
Description: Christchurch people fed up with EQC and insurance company behaviour plan to protest in Cathedral Square on Sunday.
They want the rest of New Zealand to know that there are still houses that have not been repaired or rebuilt and some people with fully- insured properties are still waiting for a decision five years after the earthquake that did the most damage to their homes. In the meantime, these homes continue to deteriorate and when they do settle will have to meet 2017 costs with compensation based on 2007 values. People are still waiting for settlement over land compensation and because of the shoddy work and lack of accountability over repairs many of those already repaired will have to be repaired again. The organisers of the protest are inviting people affected by this treatment to stand up and be counted in Cathedral Square at noon on Sunday. For more information check out Empowered Christchurch’s Facebook page.

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