Ali Jones responds to pool article

I’ve just read in the latest edition of the STAN that I was not at the Feb council Meeting where the pool land sale was on the agenda. I was!

I had a commitment in Auckland and was late into CHCH that morning, arriving around 10-15 mins after the deputation / vote was taken. Both Pauline and I had fully canvassed our colleagues prior to my 24hr visit to Auckland and knew we had unanimous support for the vote. We and staff had also worked extremely hard to get this matter on to that agenda so that the project could progress.

I appreciate the mention regarding my long time support of the pool and protesting against its closure and demolition; in fact it was this issue and the way the community was treated that played a big part in my decision to run for council in 2013.

It is disappointing that the report in the STAN says I was not at the Feb council meeting, when I most definitely was, just not at the very beginning which unfortunately could not be avoided.

Kind regards,
Ali Jones
City Councillor

This letter has been posted on behalf of Ali Jones. For the article she refers to, see page 5 in the April/May edition posted on this website, under headline Council to sell pool land for just $1

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