Repairs for eastside of St Albans

IF you are living and driving in the streets around Champion and Geraldine Streets you will only be too well aware of the underground work repairing wastewater pipes following the earthquakes.

Bad weather has delayed the completion of the work in Geraldine Street till mid October. It was due to finish this month.

Work is due to recommence in Champion Street on September 24 and in late November Huggins Place will receive a bit of attention. Work on Barbadoes Street repairs will begin some time in January (according to the schedule) but affected residents will receive notification prior to work beginning.

SCIRT has issued a repair schedule six months in advance so we now know that streets in the eastern side of St Albans will be fixed next year and minor work will be carried out on the pumping station at the corner of Edgeware and Trafalgar Street (which should not involve the street)

Residents of Barbadoes Street, Hills Road, Champion Street, Geraldine Street might like to know that the wastewater pipes in their area, and several streets in nearby Richmond, will be repaired between January 2013 and 2014. There could be further repairs to St Albans Streets to come after that as information is provided six months out.

All wastewater pipe repairs to city streets, as a result of damage caused by the earthquakes, are expected to be completed by 2017 with priority given to the east side of Christchurch City.

Check out the repair schedule here

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