Eco-city of the future

Christchurch is a biodiversity hotspot and the earthquakes provide the opportunity to turn the city into an an imaginative and vibrant eco-city. Come along to a public talk being given by Colin Meurk to the North Canterbury Branch of Forest and Bird at 7.30pm on September 12 at the WEA 59 Gloucester Street.

In his talk, Eco-City of the Future, Colin will challenge Christchurch residents to take the ‘opportunity’ provided by the earthquake to re-imagine Christchurch and build on its enduring strengths.
He proposes that we celebrate and market our natural history here in Christchurch, while preserving or building around the ruins of our colonial history (not a reconstructed Disneyland), and that we do this alongside the Maori history of the city as is already happening with Ngai Tahu as its strong guardians.

“Christchurch is a biodiversity hot spot and we now have the amazing successional dynamics of the urban ecosystem to observe. We should have been open for business as an eco-city from day one, so we’d better do it now then!”

Colin’s talk will be of around 45 minutes, followed by questions and supper.

Source material: Forest and Bird

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