Cycle route through St Albans

One of the planned cycle routes which radiate out from the city centre like spokes in a wheel, runs right through the heart of St Albans.

However, it is uncertain whether this will be one of the ones chosen to go ahead in the next three years. The project for six routes has been costed at $25 million, which is too much for the City Council to carry at the moment. So three will get the green light while the other three wait until city finances improve.

The route starts in Cathedral Square, runs down to the far end of Colombo Street before it doglegs into Trafalgar Street, then round the roundabout into Rutland Street before heading north to join another route also heading north out of town.

Other routes under consideration include a city link to the Little River Trail, a trail alongside the Avon to the sea at New Brighton, one from Ferrymead to the city and another linking the University of Canterbury at Ilam to the city centre, via Hagley Park.

An article in the Press shows the routes and contains reactions to the latest developments.

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