Inner city gradually reopening

The cordon that has choked the inner city since February 2011 is being gradually reduced and more parts of the inner city are reopening increasing the reasons for visiting.

Part of Cambridge Terrace, west of Manchester Street has also reopened. The bandstand roof is on the ground near where the PGC building stood. Eighteen people died when that building pancaked on February 22.

The cityside of the Avon River, between Hereford Street and Armagh Street has reopened to pedestrians. Cashel Street has been opened up to the intersection with High Street so it is possible to walk around the former triangle block.

New Regent Street, overshadowed by the recently reopened, newly repaired and nearly brand new Rendezvous Hotel, has also reopened with a handful of shops (a mixture of old and new tenants) and more to come. The tram might not rattling down New Regent Street again yet but its sister attraction with Altitude, the Gondola, is one way to get to the top of the Port Hills.

Demolition continues -the BNZ building opposite the end of New Regent Street has been demolished. It is on part of the enlarged green frame beside the Avon River.

The cordon on most inner city streets should be lifted in July but it will be no surprise if street closures, fewer lanes, detours continue for a while. Repairs to storm water and waste water pipes will need to be undertaken.

Meanwhile in St Albans, new concrete and glass buildings have replaced old brick ones in Barbadoes Street and Cranford Street.

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