Learn to grow vegies with Hand Over a Hundy

Families in East Christchurch are being challenged to grow their own vegetables as part of the Hand over a Hundy scheme.

The scheme is particularly aimed at families with children aged 12-24.

Participants are sponsored a hundy (or $100) to buy all the essentials for their gardens and have the option to meet with a gardening mentor. The aim is to recoup this money through savings or selling extra produce so they can hand over a hundy or $100 to a new family at the end of the year.

The aims of the project are to:

  • equip families with knowledge to pass to the next generation.
  • promote and support the health of families and the wider community, by encouraging people to grow their own food.
  • be an authoritive voice for health and change aroung food and education for families and children.
  • use the wider community to share their knowledge, experience, education in a fun and interactive way, connecting generations.

To participate in Hand over a Hundy or to donate towards the programme visit the website: http://handoverahundy.org.nz/get-involved-contact/

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