Calls grow for EQC to be audited

Various organisations and individuals in Christchurch are calling for EQC to be formally audited because of concerns about the quality of its work.

Many Government Departments are audited as a matter of course to make sure they are operating properly and following guidelines. Many of our educational organisations and not for profits also face auditing. It is a way to ensure compliance, adherence to minimum standards and enables improvements to be made.

So far any auditing of EQC has been limited to communications. Lianne Curtis from CanCERN asks:”How about the quality of assessments, the quality of repair methodology decisions, the quality of the decision making processes etc?”

Cantabrians are being denied the right to confidence and assurance and the calls are getting louder. Surveyor Adrian Cowie’s views are now reaching a wider public through the Press.

WeCan has also called for an audit into the quality of assessments and repair methodologies.

Source: partly based on material in a recent CanCERN newsletter

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