Free software available at South Library

A demo of free software to show television on your computer is one of the highlights of Software Freedom Day being celebrated on September 21 at Christchurch South Learning Centre.

Don Robertson, who is organising the event will demonstrate his MythTV set-up – a Free Software personal digital video recorder and may include installation of the software. “The best way to describe it is a video recorder updated for the 21st century. If there is time and interest, I’ll be running through an installation of the software.”

The event is part of a world wide celebration of Software Freedom and the benefits it brings to business, education, community organisations and at home.

“On the day, there will be experienced people around who will answer your questions. There will also be demonstrations of some high quality Free Software,” Don says. “I will be demonstrating software for Community Groups and NGOs.”

Free Software is often developed co-operatively by its users and anyone can use, modify or share the software. Large companies, who use the software, such as IBM, also fund its development. A fee may be charged for premium features, hosted versions and support but a community version remains free.

The organisers will give out discs containing an alternative operating system to Windows called Linux and disks with free software that will run on Windows. Advice and support is offered and the group may also be able to sort out some free hosting for community groups.

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Source: based on a media release

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