Caledonian Road v Colombo St cycleway

The Christchurch City Council is now promoting two options for the section of the Papanui Parallel cycleway between Bealey Avenue and Trafalgar St.

Option A is to run the cycleway straight down Colombo St, with loss of car parking spaces on the eastern side of Colombo St and Edgeware Road, with traffic lights at the Edgeware Rd/Colombo St intersection.

Option B has been put on the agenda after vigorous feedback from St Albans businesses. This involves the cycleway turning off Colombo St at Purchas St, with traffic lights at that corner, then on to Caledonian Road. There is some loss of parking on the western side of Caledonian Rd opposite the Scottish Society Hall. A set of lights will assist cyclists and pedestrians across Edgeware Rd to join Trafalgar St.

A few things to think about when weighing up the options:

  1. The Caledonian Rd option will add a million dollars to the total budget because of the gutters that need to be removed. Having said that, they probably would have been replaced at some stage in the future.
  2. The Caledonian Rd option, while freeing up some car parking around Edgeware Village, could put cyclists off stopping in the village. Some have said they will simply continue up Colombo St even if there is no set cycleway.

  3. Those living in Colombo St near Edgeware Village would be in favour of a Caledonian Rd option as are many of the businesses as it will keep parking spaces in Colombo St.

Submissions on the Papanui Parallel Cycleway close on December 14.

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