Alternative plans for Rutland St cycleway section

Rutland St residents opposing the cycleway because of the concrete, loss of berms and trees may be interested to know that Christchurch City Council staff are beavering away drawing up alternative plans.

These include:

  • A cycleway similar to the one in Tennyson St which allows for more grass and trees than the “concrete jungle” suggested in the original plan.
  • Plans for replacement trees. The current ones will need to be replaced in about 20 years, council staff designing the project say, because the trees will grow too big. There is an opportunity with the cycleway plan to put in trees that are more appropriate to the area and sustainable in the long term so here is a chance to influence what they will be.

The cycleway in Tennyson St takes the form of w wide footpath area converted into a space for pedestrians adjacent to properties, then a grassy area also planted with a line of trees, then the cycleway painted in red, then a gutter, which keeps cyclists and vehicles apart (except for driveways and intersections). There is no additional concrete or tiling, which should also keep costs down.

Council staff are looking at alternatives following negative feedback on the current proposal and discussed these options with some of those attending the last of the council – organised consultation meetings.

Feedback on the original design and suggestions for changes to the Rutland St section of the Papanui Parallel Cycleway can be submitted to Christchurch City Council until Monday through the Have Your Say section on their website.

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