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Martin Cooney, who recently operated his healing practice (plus counselling and meditation teaching) in the old maternity shop in Edgeware Rd, has upped sticks for 701 Barbadoes St, opposite Ristretto. He wrote this short poem about his shift…

The Time Has Come, the Healer said …

The time has come, the healer said,
to talk of many things;
Of shifts – and shops – and gearing up –
getting more bell rings;
Madras and Edgeware now too loud –
Let’s see what my probe brings.

The healer through St Albans Park
Walked near a K or so;
then reposing at a cafe –
The bustling Ristretto;
And gazing right across the road –
Saw where he’d like to go!

Former famous doctors’ rooms – now –
Leading hearing clinic;
White and wooden with room to let –

This prize locale’s the pick;
And this was odd, because, it was
Still perfect for the sick!

(With humble apologies to Lewis Carroll)

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