Steve Lowndes – candidate for regional council

I’m standing for the Regional Council because I have been closely involved with the Canterbury Water Management Strategy for the last five years at a local and regional level and because of the return to partial democracy.

I undertake to continue to work towards a sustainable future where farming activity works in concert with the environment and does not degrade it.
I like the axiom “we farm the land and the land farms us” but not, apparently, without strong monitoring and enforcement.Steve Lowndes

Climate change will be a major focus for the new Council.

We are already dealing with the consequences of a warming planet and policies and adaptive strategies are needed now.

I undertake to keep climate change front and centre of future thinking.

Public transport in Christchurch fails to attract new patrons.

I undertake to seek ways to provide a low carbon, wifi enabled, public transport system, bus and rail, which reflects people’s needs.

Urban waterways are a source of considerable concern for many reasons and I undertake to work in close cooperation with Christchurch City Council to address these issues.

Experience in local government and other environmental agencies provides the context for me to make a positive contribution to Environment Canterbury’s transition to full democracy in 2019.

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