Lan Pham – Regional council candidate

I’m a freshwater ecologist who believes putting the health of our people and planet above corporate greed will enable our society and economy to thrive. I direct a charitable organisation called Working Waters Trust. We work alongside communities across Canterbury, Otago and Southland to restore the habitats of NZ’s most endangered freshwater fish.

Clean waterways and swimmable rivers aren’t a ‘nice to have’; they’re essential to healthy communities. A vote for me voices that the current abuse of the freshwater that belongs to all of us, is not ok and that we want strong action to protect and restore our rivers, lakes and aquifers that are essential to our way of life. It’s a vote to put climate change at the centre of every decision we make, both in transitioning to a zero carbon world and building resilient, environmentally sound production and transport systems. It’s a vote that recognises our communities are being damaged by the use of outdated economic instruments, and that our wellbeing is as much dependent on community connectedness, social equality and environmental stewardship. Finally, it’s about reclaiming our democracy. With your vote, I’ll work to deliver an environmental legacy we can all be proud of.

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Involved with St Albans Community Resource Centre and NeighbourNet since 1997
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