Janet De Lu – health board candidate

The CDHB faces some very difficult challenges right now. Per capita funding has been cut in the latest budget, so that we are now 17% below the national average in per capita funding. This is in the face of some unique risks rising from the earthquakes of 2010-2011. It is well known that long-term stress leads to a compromised immune system. One in five of our children shows signs of post-traumatic stress disorder, which, according to the Dunedin longitudinal study, puts them at high risk for long-term disorders such as diabetes and heart disease. candidateshot/

It will take all of the creativity the CDHB can bring to bear to meet these challenges, without losing too much of the high quality health care we expect. We need people who can get the most efficient use of our limited health dollars. We need people who can be focused and manage priorities, while still maintaining a broad perspective. We need people who can establish cooperative relationships with other branches of government. I believe that I am such a person. Please rank me as 1 or 2 in your voting papers.

For additional information about me, please visit my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Janet.DeLu.for.CDHB

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