Ken May – health board candidate

I am a retiree, retired from the RNZAF after over twenty years of Service, then I worked for Air New Zealand and, until June 2015, I was employed for sixteen years as Team Leader for GE Healthcare, supplying Healthcare Solutions throughout the world. I worked with my team to provide installation and service solutions to DHBs and private practices throughout our primary region, the South Island. We also leant assistance to our colleagues in the North Island, Australia, South East Asia and the Pacific Islands.ken-may

I believe, as a free and self-determining New Zealander, that policies designed to legislate to put chemicals into everyone’s drinking water, other than for reasons related to water sterilisation, or purification, is contrary to my freedom to decide. The Fluoridation Topic, that some seem to want to dominate this election, could remove my freedom to choose, when the science behind fluoridation is more and more appearing to be unreliable, or at least valueless. Fluoridated toothpaste, diet and genetics are primary factors determining the quality of people’s teeth and education is a significant factor down that path.

My hope, if I am successful, is that I can bring about change in our rural health, youth self-confidence and mental issues.

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