Rik Tindall – regional council candidate

We must safeguard our pure water aquifers by strict regulation of large water takes and pollution: public vigilance through elected representation.

Rivers and lakes must be kept at high quality through good quantity flows. Balance trade-off between industrial use and conserved environment: a regional watch-dog for nature and you.
Health standards demanded by District Health Board, with power to prosecute councils if they endanger residents: ECan must assist other councils to meet high standards, including for air.

Improve public transport through timeliness, communication and new renewable fuel industry. It must run well for the city to run well: make it carbon-neutral. Commuter rail to outlying towns.

Maintain safety and a clean environment on all Canterbury water bodies – monitor traffic and limit spills: ECan enhancing safe mobility for all.

Hazards from natural features like rivers and fault lines better monitored by ECan, for keeping people safe. Keep track of buried contaminants from the past. Pest-free biodiversity: help ECan enhance these.

With experience on Environment Canterbury 2007-2010 and consistent work in the Christchurch community since, I hear what people want and see how to help deliver it. Together let’s keep Canterbury an extraordinary place to live and bring it community voice.

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