Electorate changes opposed

,p>Former Christchurch deputy mayor Ngaire Button is one of a number of objectors who have made submissions to the Electoral Commission opposing changes to electorate boundaries of Christchurch Central.

Ngaire objects to Mairehau being joined to East Christchurch as the proposed change will split the St Albans-Mairehau community.

Central Christchurch MP Nicky Wagner, also objects to the inclusion of Mairehau in Christchurch East. She has been pessimistic about her chances of winning the seat with the changed boundaries.

Speculation is also rife in St Albans and beyond about the possibility of Ngaire Button standing at national level.

Part of St Albans is also being yoked with Christchurch East, which has upset New Zealand First. It splits St Albans in two (along Cranford St etc).

The changes have been proposed to keep electorates proportional (i.e.: similar population totals). Christchurch East lost a significant proportion of its residents post quakes.

Several objectors wanted to see a name change. Christchurch Central, spreads far beyond the city centre and some felt that a name such as Avon or Otakaro would be more appropriate.

Counter objections can be made until January 29 and an announcement of the decision about the boundaries will be made on April 17.

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